We make international traveling easy through an ideal experience.

Our international travel packages, products and services are designed to meet all kinds of travel needs of our clients including special arrangements.

We also specialize in custom-made Travel plans and packages that are designed based on the needs and desires of our clients.

As a reputable travel & tours company registered and certified to carryout it services by the relevant authority in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Our parent company is locatd in Ontario, Canada.

Our services include:

  • T&T (Travels and Tours)
  • International Educational Travels (IET)
  • Family Migration Abroad.(U.S. , Canada, Europe, Australia)
  • Businesses Registration and Business Extension Abroad. (Canada and U.S.)
  • International Permanent Residency Service

Why Choose Kayokem?

(1) All products are easily accessible.
(2) Our Products are affordable.
(3) We offer educative products.
(4) All our products could be treated and delivered within a short period of time.
(5) We offer reasonable incentives to our patronage.
(6) We give quick response and attention to our clients.
(7) Visas and Admissions are guaranteed.
(8) International exposure and experience are guaranteed.
(9) We offer free travel and educative advisory to our clients.
(10) We offer free transportation from office to collection centers for our client.
(11) Emergency issues are given serious consideration.
(12) We offer our clients the right to choose.
(13) Our products could be delivered to your doorstep.
(14) We are traceable.
(15) For our TPPSS plan, feeding, accommodation, security and transportation is guaranteed.
(16) Delivery of ticket at your doorsteps does not attract extra payment.
(17) We offer easy means of payment.