Travel Services

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of travel related services which include domestic and international travel plans

Green Card Processing

As a reputable organization, we have assisted many of our clients in securing a green card. Beyond providing travel assistance, we also initiate a green card process and professionally follow through till the latter stage. On this part, we have a high record of success and testimony from those who trust us to see it through.

Tours & Honeymoon

With an evocative palate of destinations, your own unique romance can be celebrated and infused with an equally unforgettable dose of luxury and reverie. We elevate these destinations, perfecting your romantic, dream vacation with handcrafted intimacy and inimitability.

Nigerian Visa Processing for foreigners

By conforming with the visa application guidelines of the Nigerian Immigration Service, we assist in securing Nigerian Visa for foreigners and also other necessary documents like work permits and other relevant documents. It’s of great importance to note that your International Passport must have a minimum of 6-months validity.

Student Visa

Our student visa package can be found in the study portal. We also offer custom based student visa services to countries of your choice which might not be listed at the moment. Kayokem is also a liaison for various universities across Europe. Contact us for more information.

Business Visa

Kayokem Travels and Tours are in services of securing a Business visa of the designated country/countries of destination within the Schengen Area. Such visa are issued to the citizens of countries that have mandatory visa requirements from the Schengen Zone with the sole purpose of doing business in the Schengen zone.

Ticket Booking

We reduce the hassle by offering ticket solution to travelers going out of and coming into Nigeria irrespective of the type of visa. We can be contacted for more information on ticketing.

Do you want a customized offer?

We offer customized services which may not be included in our package. Use the contact form to reach out to us or call +2348032515279